Kevin Fleetwood, Life Coach

Kevin Fleetwood,
B.Th., M.A.

kevin-fleetwoodDrawing on 35 years of achievement and success in business, ministry and the arts, Kevin is a certified Life Coach available for planning personal and career transitions.

Picturing change is often done better with a partner and Kevin loves helping connect clients to a unique ‘big picture’ for their future and is skilled at talking through the details to put that vision into practice. He’s a creative optimist but with a track record of achievement in helping change happen.

The coaching usually happens through phone conversations in units of four hour-long sessions but Skype or meetings at his office are also available. The client is the driver in the process but Kevin is a great navigator and tour guide helping along the way to find the resources and connections that complete the journey.

His own journey in the last few years has included hiring his own coach for the great adventure of putting into place his vision for a career that blends work, his love for the Arts and especially the art of gardens. It’s a challenging blend, along with being a husband and father of four adult daughters, but an hour in a garden seems like seconds to Kevin and producing something beautiful in the landscape, in sculpture, on a stage, in ministry or in conversation with a coaching client continues to make that journey inspiring!

Kevin has a B.Th. from Tyndale University College in Toronto and an M.A. from Wheaton Graduate School in Chicago as well as his coaching certification with Compass Coaching International. His years in church ministry leadership, entrepreneurial roles in the real estate and homebuilding industry, achievement in the theatre, commercial acting and the visual arts as well as volunteer work with charitable and humanitarian boards and causes have produced the broad experience in real life he brings to each coaching conversation.

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